A ski-learning tool

SKILER is a ski-learning tool that simplifies and enriches the learning process for both the pupil and the instructor.

SKILER makes it possible for beginners to safely make their first turns on day one!

  • Speed under full control
  • The number of falls reduced
  • Depending on the ski position, the child automatically adapts the correct stance
  • Can be used to learn carving on a flat surface
  • Simple to use
  • Easier for the instructor
  • Beginners can safely ski several kilometers

Skiler consists of two extended poles that are attached to clamps, specially designed to fit around ski boots. Because of its materials, Skiler is light and portable, but at the same time firm and robust to endure winter circumstances.

Skica modela

Clamp and connector sketch

Clamp and connector sketch



Skiler works great for kids with special needs.

We make skiing possible for children that many presume would never be able to ski. It brings joy and satisfaction, not only to them but to their parents and tutors as well.


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Skiler is useful for parents, ski schools, and everyone trying to teach skiing.